Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bed surfing.

Our last show is officially and it went well. The energy on the stage was very positive because we all knew this would be our last show. It gave everyone an extra push of even after performing some of the pieces multiple times. I know i felt it. I remember a point where i just looked around and thought to myself, "this is my JOB, how did i get so lucky?" My body gave it's all and my heart felt so light. I can't wait to get on stage again. Now i just need to get through some down time.

To clear my thoughts from dance for a few days i decided to make a 'dream board'. I put thing on it that i want and will for my future. I say i will have these things not to be selfish, but to set a goal for myself and approaching them with a positive attitude. "Maybe" just doesn't cut it. Why can't we have what we want and love what we love? Sometimes our negative 'not good enough' attitudes get us in the wrong mindset and repeatative 'can't' gets us down. So today say "i will __________" and keep that positive outlook even when it looks dim. You might not have 'it' right away, but look around you, do you have a part of it already? Be grateful for what you have, after all, did you not wish for a few things that you do have in your life ? We all just need to take a step back sometimes and realize the wonderful things we have already and set those goals for our future dreams. Here is my "Dream 'i will' board" filled with just a few things:
(not really career related right now, that will be a whole new board later :) )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Ending...

Our last show of the season was last night! I can't believe another season has come to an end and another season of trying to figure out what i'm going to do has started. More posting when i have recovered and rested my bod for a day! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Apple!

We are off in those lovely stretched white vans tommorow for two shows in NYC!! I get a little bit more nervous for the shows there because there is more pressure to be perfect. NYC is such a huge hub for the dance world. When you go there to see dance people know what they like and don't like. We usually only perform so our audience consist of fans ofthe company or locals looking for something to do. New York will bring us dance critics, a possible booking agent, and other dancers curious to see who this small company is.

There was a lot of tension today in the studio. Last rehearsals before a set of important shows will do that. We ended up running and cleaning more than usual and ran out of time to run the last rep. piece. Yikes. I feel the most comfortable with that piece, but it still makes you feel a little anxious having not run and fixed little pre-show kinks. Hopefully we will be able to give the piece some extra time tommorow before the show. Keeping positive until then!!

Long weekend, bring it on!!