Saturday, June 27, 2009


Camp has been busy and tiring, but very rewarding in the end. It's week two already and i've really grown to like the students. Some have come all the way from California! I love my little youth camp students. They are so full of curiousity and the eagerness to learn. In my choreography class with them we learn to experiment different ideas for movement by setting up different scenarios. They come up with such elaborate stories i just love sitting back and watching it unfold.

I choreographed a three min. contemporary piece for the older campers over the past two weeks. We had a short amount of time to get pieces together because they were to perform them on the outside stage in Atlantic City that coming Friday. Earlier in the first week we got some exciting news from out director about a movie company being interested in using the dancers for a film they were shooting. More exciting news came when i foudn out that students and staff were to be paid $100 for being part of the filming!!

That friday we should up late afternoon and saw all the film crews and equipment set up as they were already filming scenes around outside. We were to just hang out and wait for our cue to start running the pieces we had. They watched the show and picked the pieces they liked that would fit well with the movie. (apprently it's a movie about a boxer....not sure how ballet ties in with that haha) They made those poor girls do about six takes so they could get it from all different angles. It was hot and humid out and those poor girls looked like they were dying! I got to sit in the audience (first row) and was directed to clap loudly after each run. (hopefully that will get me in the movie because i was extra outgoing and excited)

Going to celebrate 5yrs tommorow with booba. <3 should be a lovely day and relaxing. I could use that for sure.
Ok, nothing else too exciting i promise better posts to come soon!

some pictures to end!

My sleeping Onna.

In the window, her favorite place

Friday, June 19, 2009

Take a moment to take it in.

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Phew. It's been a busy last month or so. So much that i haven't even had a second to get on here and share what's been happening. I will try to sum it up in a simple terms:

-found a new apartment with my best friend after living in awful conditions in our other place. Started moving in the past week. We have till the 30th to be out of our old place so this gives us time to move things in sections.

New place = far better neighborehood and living conditions. (it's only 7 blocks away from our old place)

-Started decorating my room in a 'victorian' theme. Lace and wicker. It's painted a light yellow and is coming along nicely!

-Finished my first set of recitals that went VERY well. Everything went smoothly. Thankfully my director is extermely organized and had everything so mapped out that it was almost mistake proof. ( i have video of my 4 pieces..might try to upload them)

-Had tech rehearsal for the other schools recitals last night that will be happening this saturday. Fun story about this one- one of my pointe girls (there are 3) just disapeared about 4 weeks ago. We tried calling her, left messages, NOTHING. We don't know why she just decided to not show up and we have her costume and everything. I decided to be fair to my girls that have worked so hard that i would fill in her spot so it didn't change anything in their dance. So, i'm dancing in the recital with my girls! Didn't see that one coming haha. I'm also dancing with the other teachers and our director in our "surprise" teacher dance. It's fun to get to be on stage with them. (and to laugh at ourselves)

-My company has started their summer camp officially this week. There is a apprentice intensive for a week along with the summer campers. I took one class this week so far and realized how out of shape i am! I know i'll get back into it, but i want to take it slowly so i don't hurt myself. To be honest, i feel in shape just from moving stuff to a new place. What a workout that really is!

-I was panicing this summer about how i was going to make it financially. I talked to my director and she gave me some classes at our summer camp. SO i am teaching :
*nutrition class
*a choreography workshop
*arts and crafts (with the little ones)
*game (little ones)
and i might be picking up extra classes when someone can't teach. It makes me feel a little bit better that some income will be coming in till things start back in september.

-offically adopted my Oona kitty baby on monday. I was fostering her to make sure she got along with my roommtes cat before i made her mine. So happy to have her with me. She's so beautiful and sweet. I love the comfort animals offer you in time so of stress.

So things are slowly rolling from a dead stop to a slow go. Good to be busy again, but stressful all in the same breath. I will try to update more frequently , but we need to get internet in the new place first.

Hope you are well!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them..

Ok, so nothing huge to report as far as dance goes. We are still on break for a little bit longer. To be honest, it's been really hard. The first two weeks were pretty ok. I got to catch up on sleep and rest my body. But, now i'm feeling the effects of not taking class. It's a bit of 'dancer depression' as they call it. You go from dancing everday to not and your body just feels the changes. I feel like i lost that emotional release that dance gave me. Now things are bottling up and i don't know how else to get them out so it leaves me feeling anxious. I know it's because i'm not dancing and as soon as the season starts up again things will level out. For now it's just battling the inner demons that want me to feel sad. Booba helps me through it as well as this little white angel, Oona:

First set of recitals are this weekend! It's going to be a long one. I'm proud of my girls and hope everything goes smoothly with my pieces.<3